Tag: euclidean geometry

5 December 2021
Problem unraveling
Let us go back to Terence Tao's Solving Mathematical Problems, for another exercise. As done in a previous post, I would like to show an alternative solution to a problem...
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30 October 2021
Euclid strikes back
I found the following problem on Terenece Tao's "Solving Mathematical Problems". I propose, here, a synthetic approach based on simple Euclidean geometry concepts, instead of...
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23 December 2019
Analysis and synthesis
While solving some geometrical problems, I have been investigating on the possible alternatives between a trigonometric approach versus an approach based on congruences and...
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22 October 2019
The revenge of Menelaus
This post is devoted to Menelaus's Theorem, named for the astronomer Menelaus of Alexandria. It is a very imporant theorem in geometry, relating the ratios of the segments...
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10 July 2019
The bare necessities
This is the first of a series of posts in which a problem is presented to the reader, who in invited to solve it by following a proposed path. The background knowledge required...
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