Matteo is an excellent professor. He manages to make the lessons fun and rigorous at the same time. He has infinite patience and will explain the same thing over and over from different perspectives until you truly understand. Additionally, he goes out of his way to help you make progress. He is always available to rescue you if you are stuck with an exercise or to recommend extra resources! And last but not least, he is very kind and reliable. I strongly recommend his lessons. Do not hesitate to contact him!
Paula - Matteo is an excellent professor!
Matteo is a great Professor. I have been taking lessons with him for the preparation of the GRE/GMAT. He is outstanding in teaching both theoretical concepts and practical mathematical applications. His teaching methodology is very effective for gaining a deep understanding of Mathematics in an intuitive way rather than a mechanical way. He thrives to find ways to teach you a “strategy” that works around your way of thinking rather than giving you “one way” interpretation. Matteo is also very friendly and intellectually curious I highly recommend him
Jasmine - preparation of the GRE/GMAT
First of all Matteo is a teacher that really wants you to understand, and by this learn what you are doing. He is a very patient teacher and does not seem to mind stretching himself for you to achieve what you aim for - he is always up for sending some extra exercises or help if you have any problems.
Matteo helped me go from a person not having much understanding of maths to someone that could feel confident when studying a function that before would look uninterpratable. After his lessons I will not only be able to pass my exam, but I will be able to use what I have learned (and now understood) in the future for other subjects and/or programs.
Jørgensen - very patient teacher

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5 January 2022
A bumpy ride
We take again inspiration from the Putnam competition, for an exercise on continuity and differentiability of real fuctions obtained by "stretching" a bas...
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